MARS EQUITY (MEQ) is an exclusive technical analysis learning and trading forum which is powered by proprietary trading systems. The network has the most sophisticated traders and investors using this robust system which is developed by the founder & mentor of MEQ. The market learning programs help our members to achieve financial independence through a combination of wealth coaching, access to extraordinary techniques and the chance to mix with like minded members who share your aspirations. Being a member of our exclusive club could help you reach your financial goals.

The club’s primary mandate is to educate on the skills needed to become a highly proficient investor & a trader. The learning program is segmented into six different modules designed by the mentor. The technical learning programs has demonstrated a consistent ability to help prepare its members to understand everything about the markets.

Being a Member


Gain valuable industry exposure and network with peers who have experience working in the world of stock markets.

Learning experience

MEQ works with technical enthusiasts and mentoring them to manage a portfolio of securities using robust techniques which are researched by the mentor.

involvement opportunities

General meetings, mentor's interactive sessions, technical events and the trading forum are all great ways to get involved.


MEQ helps members build technical skills including the ability to critically analyze an investment or trading opportunity, summarize diligence findings and deliver effective executions.