“Markets are never wrong, but opinions often are.”

Jesse Livermore

Technical Analysis Workshop

We are hosting in-depth workshop on Technical Analysis and Trading concepts. It is all about taking that extra step to discover, know and share the trading ideas, challenges, and Trading Discipline. Join us to qualitatively spend your time in enhancing your trading skills, strategies & effective trade setups to explore the full potential of our analysis and experience. Gear up for the thought-provoking interactions, trading exercises, and powerful Q&A sessions and insights to our advanced systems and methodologies.

What will be provided

§ Trading Notes

§ Access to Members Trading Journals

§ Trading System

§ Live market trading support for 9 months

What you will learn?

§ Brief Introduction to Technical Analysis

§ Trading System Strategies

§ Accurate way of using the Trading Tools to aid your trade / investment

§ Back testing the system

§ Identify different Trading Ideas

§ Identify different type of trades & the trends very earlier for investing

§ When to trade entry / exit signals

§ Trading System setups with Scanners & Exploration

§ How to Prepare for a Trading Day

§ Money Management Practices and capital requirements.


§ Basic understanding of the stock markets

§ A Laptop

§ Stable internet connection

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Traders, Analysts, College Students, anyone interested in Investing or full-time / part-time trading, Strategists, Trading Software Developers, Trading System Developers, Trading enthusiasts.



Batch Size & Mode

Online: 3~10

Offline: Minimum 3 / Maximum 10 per batch


Weekdays (6 p.m ~ 9 p.m) 12-24 sessions approx

Offline Venue

MARS SYNDICATE, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore


WhatsApp: 83001 69955 / 83001 69977

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Program Code: MEQ_ELITE_TAW20